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About Silvia

Dr. Silvia Salamanca Segui is a Transpersonal Psychologist, a transformational coach, mind and soul healer.
She began her career after completing her PhD in Biochemistry at the age of 24. After 8 years in biochemistry and pharmaceutical research, and having a deep understanding of what the pharmaceutical industry did and didn’t do for the healing of the human being, she decided to follow a more holistic path. She embraced her feminine gifts as an empath and healer and through the new education in Transpersonal Psychology she opened her own practice.
Dr. Silvia Salamanca has led hundreds of people to their own healing and to their fullest lives, having an incredible amount of success without a single presence on social media (only word of mouth) launching for the first time her outreach globally in March 2023.
Dr.Silvia Salamanca Segui combines a unique blend of a strong science background, psychology expertise and spirituality. A pioneer in forward thinking and the awakening in human consciousness, she has reached a state of gratitude, fulfillment and happiness through following the same process she offers now to those willing to work with her and embark in the journey towards plenitude.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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